A Reflection on Developmentally Suitable Practice

Developmentally Proper Observe (DAP) has been found by numerous as the cornerstone of Early Childhood education due to the fact the National Affiliation for the Training of Youthful Small children (NAEYC) posted the rules in 1987. The recommendations have been employed extensively in educare configurations this kind of as preschool and universities, with many educators […]

Chinese Cultural Deficiency of Empathy in Growth – Counselling Practice

Abstract In this paper I intend to check out the phenomenon of empathy or the deficiency there-of amongst the Chinese inhabitants. The proof is typically through observational procedures and interviews with Chinese commentaries about the results. Empathy is the skill to recognize the thoughts of some others by recognising their feelings, behavioural motion and situation. […]

Psychotherapy Is A Relationship, A Joint Practice – Not A Commodity

People suffering from depression or despair have an acute need for therapy and counselling. How can therapy meet those needs, particularly when it is less a commodity and more a relationship? What does this mean exactly? Therapy won’t do it for you; it won’t solve your problems, provide a cure or administer a corrective or […]