Sticker anxiety is a impressive phobia that impacts many individuals throughout the entire world

Like all phobias, it is effectively an anxiety condition.

Merely set, all those with this particular phobia working experience various levels of stress when faced with stickers or sticky labels – no matter if those stickers are on fruit these kinds of as apples, bananas or kiwis, on plastic things, house appliances or on clothing, it can make little variation.

This phobia can make even the most courageous man or woman shiver with anxiety.

Probably the main purpose that this distinct phobia is so very little acknowledged is because persons struggling from this irrational worry have typically created a perception of abnormality or disgrace, wrongly believing that only they have this unique issue.

Simply because of this, those who are frightened of stickers or of sticky labels usually sense silly, turning into reluctant to speak about it to other folks and so it continues to be largely concealed.

In truth, in my scientific exercise I have taken care of only two folks for this particular phobia. Equally have been consumers who experienced been effectively handled for other conditions and who mentioned, practically in passing, that they also suffered from the anxiety of stickers.

After uncovered, having said that, it is a relatively straightforward method to completely take out the worry and phobia.

The genuine trouble, of study course, is that most of all those suffering from this debilitating phobia merely do not know that successful remedy is readily available. Indicators of a sticker phobia are very similar to all those of other phobias: improved heart rate, palpitations, dry mouth, shortness of breath and even feelings of dizziness or nausea when uncovered to the rationally benign stimulus of stickers or sticky labels.

So hidden is this phobia that now there seems to be no frequently approved title for the worry of stickers or of sticky labels. It simply just does not at present surface on any phobia checklist.

Having said that, I have coined a neologism – or new phrase – for this phobia, based on good linguistic rules, which I offer listed here.

The word ‘phobia’ arrives from the Greek phrase that means ‘fear’ and the rule is that any suffix connected to it should also be of Greek origin. (Even though some phobia names include suffixes derived from Latin, this is linguistically incorrect and has been brought about simply just simply because the medical doctors who coined the identify of the phobia had been much more familiar with Latin than they were with Greek!)

The benefit of owning a accurate identify for the irrational dread of stickers and of sticky labels is that these struggling from this phobia may perhaps properly discover real aid in finding that there is indeed a identify for their key fear and so may truly feel significantly less abnormal and special.

Getting a right name for any situation that disturbs us is a significant move forward in becoming empowered to find good cure for it.

The title I offer is ‘pittakionophobia’.

Initially, this might look like a bit of a mouthful, but it truly isn’t really. It is just pronounced: pit-ak-ion-ophobia.

‘Pittakion’ is the Greek term for label or ticket (in Latin it can be ‘pittacium’) and so, combined with ‘phobia’ pittakionophobia is the irrational dread of stickers or of labels.

Triggers of Pittakionophobia – Concern of Stickers

The real causes of pittakionophobia just about often lie in the individual’s previous.

Mainly because of a previous experience, the person’s subconscious has connected stickers or sticky labels with nervousness and hazard.

Most often, this has transpired in childhood or in the early decades of adolescence, while in some conditions it may perhaps have occurred later on in everyday living.

This kind of an knowledge could have transpired specifically, as a consequence of a traumatic encounter involving a sticker – acquiring one trapped to some portion of the entire body, for example – or even indirectly as a result of yet another person’s fearful working experience that was observed by the person who would then go on to build the phobia. Remedy of Sticker Phobia

The fantastic information is that real and successful aid is out there.

Working with a perfectly experienced and expertly properly trained innovative transformational hypnotherapist, it is doable to arrive at back and uncover the origin of this phobia.

Once this is accomplished, we can just neutralize the incorrect belief that has been put in in the subconscious that stickers or sticky labels indicate hazard and that it desires to bring about anxiety.

In its position we can create feelings of serene and peace when encountering or wondering about stickers or sticky labels, totally reducing pittakionophobia.

The easy actuality is that you ended up not born with this phobia and you do not have to proceed to live your existence all over this fear.

If you – or someone you treatment about – are worried of stickers if you undergo from the dread of stickers or are afraid of sticky labels then there actually is a little something you can do about it.

With the expert use of sophisticated hypnotherapy you can be freed from the awful worry of stickers – pittakionophobia – and halt staying frightened of stickers for superior.

Seek the advice of with a thoroughly skilled experienced innovative transformational hypnotherapist who has knowledge in dealing with this and other phobias and commence the liberating procedure of freeing oneself from the unwanted fear of stickers or the anxiety of sticky labels – pittakionophobia – now.

You can say goodbye to your sticker phobia fast and quickly – and you will be immensely pleased that you did!

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