about us

LA Naturaleza was established in 2006 with the intention of linking the public with skilled and devoted practitioners working to treat emotional troubles and enhance psychological wellness.


The group has the following objectives:

  • To improve psychological health by instruction and therapeutic relationships
  • To portray psychotherapy and counselling in the highest, yet most realistic, light possible.
  • To normalise therapy, so making it as frequent to seek treatment for emotional issues as for physical ailments.


Our key values are:

  • A belief in the human capacity for growth and change
  • The significance of personal development and longevity
  • The concept that therapy in a secure and supportive environment may assist us in overcoming many of life’s obstacles.

our team

Therapists available in LA Naturaleza

Anton Mitchell

Psychotherapist & Counselling Psychologist

Dr. Anton Mitchell is a licenced psychologist and psychotherapist. He has 10 years of therapeutic experience in UK mental health settings and a doctorate in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology.

Penny Ballard

Psychological Therapist

Penny’s clinical experience is 6 years. She treats anxiety, panic, stress, anger management, self-esteem, depression, clinical depression, relationship difficulties, intercultural issues, PTSD, loss and bereavement, sexual or mental abuse, childhood issues, psychosexual problems, couple and marital troubles.

Dr. James Jacobson


James has 20 years of expertise as a psychotherapist and counsellor. He specialises in treating anxiety and depression from personal and job stress. He treats phobias, panic, grief, trauma, interpersonal difficulties, sexuality, life changes, ageing, and loss. Attachment, closeness, stress, early trauma, and dysfunctional family connections might affect how we handle problems.


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